Fed Anticipates Ongoing Rate Increases After This Week’s Hike

$100 Dollar bill with red and green arrow blocks and percentage wooden block

After raising rates for the fifth time this year, the Federal Reserve Board anticipates more hikes to come. Six months ago, the borrowing rate was at nearly zero percent. But with this week’s three-quarters-of-a-percentage-point increase, the rate is now at about 3.25%, the highest it’s been since the financial crisis …

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The World of Work in 2021

Father tries to work from home with one of his kids clamoring for attention.

2020 transformed into the year of remote work, and with that came concerns about cybersecurity, the use of office space, productivity and efficiency, and performance management. While some major tech companies have decided to work from home indefinitely, such as Facebook and Twitter, others feel less inclined to do so. …

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2021 Housing Market After COVID

In 2020 the housing market experienced a major pandemic-driven boom, with low-interest rates and high demand for housing. Experts predict that this demand will continue through the next year, as those who could not afford a home in 2020 are saving up for 2021. According to the National Association of …

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What’s Happening in the Tourism Industry?

A miniature airplane, mask, and passport.

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t only a health crisis but an international economic crisis too. Since the implementation of travel restrictions, the tourism industry has been heavily affected. This had led small businesses that rely on tourists to shut down, to some major airline companies declaring bankruptcy. Travel Restriction With the …

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