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Your office desk is where you spend most of your workday, so why not make it a space that inspires productivity? Desk decor is a great way to create a workspace that motivates and energizes you. But how to decorate your office desk? 

From potted plants to inspirational quotes, there are many creative desk ideas for work to spruce up your surroundings to get you in the right headspace to tackle your tasks. These desk decor ideas for work are sure to inspire productivity and creativity.

Aesthetic Desk Decor

The same tedious environment can become dull and negatively affect your productivity. But you can boost it by rearranging your office space from scratch. Whether you’re fixated on symmetry or prefer certain designs, having an aesthetically pleasing view will inspire and motivate you.

These are some aesthetic desk decor ideas that you can easily set up yourself:

  • Hang floating shelves – one or two shelves above your desk can decorate the entire room and ensure all your necessities are within reach of your seat.
  • Add a golden desk lamp – you will definitely need some additional lighting, and a gold desk lamp can easily match the rest of your desk decor.
  • Install an acrylic whiteboard – a neutral and trendy decor idea that will make your place look more put together while also offering functionality. 
  • Add a small mirror – a low-cost and functional item that you can match with the golden desk lamp and create an aesthetic design. 

Here are some professional office desk decoration ideas on how to boost the aesthetics of your workspace:

Create a Functioning Workspace

A functional workspace may also mean separating it into sections according to its purposes. For insurance, dedicate a particular area for making calls, preferably near a window with natural lighting, especially if you are often on video conferences.

Some people also prefer reading in a space with little to no distractions. A separate chair facing away from your desk or computer can be an excellent solution for distraction-free reading.

Natural Lighting Is the Key

While a lamp is an office desk must-have, take maximum advantage of natural lighting. A study by the University of Cornell found that working under natural light decreases headaches, eye strains, and blurred vision by 84%. To keep you healthy and productive, reposition your desk next to a window and take the blinds off to make the most of daylight.

Install LED Strips 

LED strips can add backlighting to your workspace and create a motivating ambiance. Especially if you’re a night owl, LED strips on your monitor or under your desk can reduce eyestrain by maintaining an equal level of brightness of your screen and the rest of your room. 

Minimalist Cubicle Decor

While some individuals may like knick-knacks and photos personalizing their desks, others may prefer a more minimalist approach when decorating their desks. If you prefer a moderate workspace, here are some desk decor ideas you can leverage:

  • Declutter your space by only keeping essentials visible
  • Use green and blue colors to boost productivity
  • Add living plants for a fresh feel
  • Add funny ornaments 
  • Add framed art or photos for motivation
  • Decorate with washi tape for added joy
  • Wrap cables for a neat look
  • Use a practical and visually appealing calendar
  • Add an accent pillow for comfort

Declutter Your Space

Start by getting rid of anything you don’t need. It may not be easy, but once you clean up your space, you will be inspired to start the workday. Next, try only leaving items you use on a daily basis. The essentials usually include your computer, notepads, and a couple of pens and pencils. Finally, store everything else on shelves or away from your sight to avoid them from distracting you.

Think Colorful

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean plain black and white. Gloomy colors such as black, gray, and beige create a depressive atmosphere in the workspace. Instead, research shows that the best colors that boost productivity are green and blue.

Color psychologists suggest that nature-inspired colors make people feel at ease and help them concentrate. For example, a simple plant or blue post-it note on your office desk can brighten up your workspace and energize you.

Living Plants

A dull working environment is easy to break by adding a bit of greenery. A potted plant is a classy cubicle idea that resonates well with the entire room. Plants have the ability to purify the air and brighten your mood, making you more motivated and focused on work.

Some easy-to-care plant desk decorations include:

  • Cacti
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Philodendrons
  • Bonsai 
  • Snake Plant
  • African Violets
  • Aloe
  • Tillandsia
  • Oxalis

Funny Desk Ornaments

Finally, desk decor ideas are only complete with the little details. Whether you want to keep the design minimalistic or go over the top, there are various cute desk ideas that can elevate your mood during work. These funny desk decorations may include

  • A desk-size Zen garden with a mini rake and sand.
  • A set of colorful geometric paperweights.
  • A fluffy plush toy of a popular character.
  • A desk organizer shaped like a cute animal.
  • A funny quote or meme printed on a wooden block.
  • A collection of quirky magnets on your whiteboard or bulletin board.

Customized Mouse Pad and Keyboard

Mouse pads come in different designs and colors, catering to various styles. They can be made from leather, cork, or even agate. Choose one that matches your personality and highlights your disposition. For example, a natural mouse pad or a vegan leather desk mat would not only ensure a smooth and seamless work experience but also provide an aesthetic look. Similarly, you can add a personal touch to your keyboard through keycaps, an aviator cable, and wrist rests.

Framed Art and Photos

Framed photos or posters can make any space look better. Some people are inspired by their friends, and others by their favorite artists. So print some of your most wholesome pictures of you with your friends and family, frame them, and put them on your table for a constant source of motivation. You can also create a collage from some of your best memories and pin it on top of your desk.

Alternatively, you can browse online for some of the best desk images on Amazon, Etsy, or Society6. They’re readily available for purchase and download, after which you can print them at any size and frame them to your wall.

Washi Tape

Stylizing your desk with washi tape is one of the easiest workplace desk decor ideas. These stationary items come in multiple colors that can add a pinch of joy to your workspace. Thanks to their versatile design, you can tape them along the edge of your desk or create a cool design on the tabletop. In any case, they’re sure to give you a mental and spiritual push for a productive day.

Wrap Those Wires Up

Extension cords and chargers can be annoying and unaesthetic. Well, guess what? There’s a solution to that too! There are multiple desk decor ideas to make unsightly cables and wires look more eye-pleasing. For example, try wrapping them with colorful tape or jute to make them more appealing.

Uplifting Calendar Ideas

Combining aesthetics with functionality is key to unlocking productivity. Consider using a calendar to keep your meetings, projects, and deadlines in order. A DIY calendar is not only a simple and practical project but can also serve as a beautiful decor for your workspace.

An Accent Pillow

Nothing says comfort like a soft pillow on your desk chair. This will make your workspace look really put together, especially if you have a solid leg chair and not a rolling desk chair. A throw pillow will also help you maintain good posture and prevent back pain from sitting for extended periods.

Key Takeaways

  • Desk decor can enhance productivity and creativity.
  • Aesthetic touches to consider floating shelves, a golden desk lamp, an acrylic whiteboard, and a small mirror.
  • Creating a functional workspace by separating it into sections for different tasks.
  • Take advantage of natural lighting by positioning your desk near a window.
  • LED strips can reduce eye strain by maintaining an equal level of brightness in your room.
  • Minimalist cubicle decor: declutter your space, think colorful with nature-inspired colors such as green and blue and add living plants to purify the air and brighten your workspace.

Sum Up

Desk decor ideas are the simplest and most cost-effective way to improve your productivity while working at home or in the office. The office or home decorating ideas can really shift the atmosphere in your workspace and motivate you as you start the day. 

From minimalism to maximalism, living plants to framed photos and personalized calendars, find the best decor that suits your needs and accentuates your personality.

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