Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown is an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor at spoolah.com. He has been in this industry since 2008 and has a strong understanding of economic trends, all types of financial planning, ways of creating plans for meeting short-term and long-term financial goals, etc.

Fed Anticipates Ongoing Rate Increases After This Week’s Hike

$100 Dollar bill with red and green arrow blocks and percentage wooden block

After raising rates for the fifth time this year, the Federal Reserve Board anticipates more hikes to come. Six months ago, the borrowing rate was at nearly zero percent. But with this week’s three-quarters-of-a-percentage-point increase, the rate is now at about 3.25%, the highest it’s been since the financial crisis …

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401(k) vs. SIMPLE IRA: Which One You Should Choose

Close up on retirement paperwork

401(k) and SIMPLE IRAs are the most common retirement accounts offered by employers. But the decision between 401(k) vs. SIMPLE IRA is not always easy without understanding the key differences between their respective limits, contributions, and taxes. At their core, these two plans mainly differ in their flexibility and simplicity. …

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How to Dress Classy and Elegant Without Breaking the Bank

Group of business professionals dressed in suits

As seasons change, new fashion trends emerge that bring about new elegant and chic outfit ideas. While luxury fashion brands are usually trendsetters, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress elegantly and with style on a budget.  With a bit of research and fashion sense, you can find multiple brands that …

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Patio Ideas On A Budget

Outdoor patio furniture

A patio is a great place to relax in the fresh air and enjoy the serenity of nature. Do you want to design your own patio? Thankfully, you don’t need to have a fortune to make a good patio space. You just need to look for inexpensive patio ideas that …

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How to Start a Sticker Business

Overhead view of graphic sticker designer working on computer

Starting a sticker business is one of the easiest and most cost-effective businesses you can start today. It’s an ideal side hustle for creative people that will allow them to earn some extra cash while unleashing their creativity and fulfilling the customers’ needs. In addition, stickers are so fun to …

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How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

Overhead view of pool cleaner cleaning pool

According to IBISWorld, the U.S. swimming pool cleaning services industry is worth $7.8 billion and is expected to increase by 0.9% in 2022. Given the numbers, starting a pool cleaning business seems promising. Plus, if you like to work outside and have a flexible schedule, a pool cleaning business might …

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14 Top Cheapest European Countries to Visit

Young adult traveling through Europe

Europe is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why. This vast continent is full of ancient landmarks, beautiful cities, winding mountain trails, and seriously incredible beaches. While traveling to some European countries is comparatively expensive, there are many countries in Europe …

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Is It Worth It to Start Living Stingy

Close up on hands holding piggy bank

The dictionary defines “stingy” as someone unwilling to spend or give. Due to this definition, stinginess usually has a negative connotation, and calling people stingy is not perceived as a compliment. Stingy people are considered to be very protective of their money and ungenerous. But in reality, these individuals may …

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11 Low-stress Jobs

Graphic designer designing on computer

It’s no secret that our busy, modern lives are inundated with stress. And one of the biggest causes of stress is the workplace. There are countless products and methods marketed to help us reduce or manage stress. Some of these techniques include meditation, yoga, and CBD. However, many are finding …

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