11 Low-stress Jobs

Published: 2 years ago, Last Updated: 6 months ago
Daniel Brown
Writer: Daniel Brown

It’s no secret that our busy, modern lives are inundated with stress. And one of the biggest causes of stress is the workplace.

There are countless products and methods marketed to help us reduce or manage stress. Some of these techniques include meditation, yoga, and CBD. However, many are finding that it is more effective to combat the source of stress rather than treat the symptoms.

If you find that your job is causing you undue stress, it may be time for a career change. Luckily, there are many options for low-stress careers that cover a wide variety of interests and qualifications.


Photographer taking photos of makeup products

Freelance photography is a great option for a rewarding job that is low stress because you can set your hours and be your own boss. Startup costs are relatively low depending on the equipment and editing software you choose to invest in. Additionally, social media is a great and cost-free way to market yourself to potential customers. There are different avenues you can take with a photography career, depending on your interests. For instance, you may choose to specialize in weddings and events, professional headshots, or product photography for businesses.

  • Qualifications: Degrees and courses are available but not necessary. Photography is something that can be self-taught.
  • Salary: Depending on the number of jobs you take on and the type of work you do, salary ranges between $35,000 and $65,000.


Dietician completing "dietary assessment" form

Individuals interested in health and wellness who want to avoid stress may be interested in becoming a dietician. Dietitians are experts on food and nutrition and they help their patients create meal plans that are right for them based on their specific dietary needs. People in this field enjoy a rewarding career by helping others in the medical field but do not have to worry about being on-call or working holidays.

  • Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree, typically in nutrition, is required to become a dietitian. Master’s degrees are held by some dietitians as well. Following your education, you must complete internships to gain experience. Licensing and certification may also be required depending on your state.
  • Salary: $50,000 to $80,000.

University Professor

University professor holding laptop and lecturing to class

University professors are experts in their field and devote themselves to passing on their knowledge to the next generation, making it a fulfilling and mentally stimulating career choice. They also enjoy several perks that keep stress levels low. For example, the job does not require typical nine to five hours, and they also receive plenty of time off during the summer and winter holidays. Additionally, those who gain tenure have the additional peace of mind that comes with job security.

  • Qualifications: Requirements vary greatly depending on the institution and the subject you teach. Generally, professors must have relevant work experience in their field, have completed higher education, and hold either a master’s or doctoral degree.
  • Salary: $65,000 to $175,000, depending on your field and experience.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapist massaging client.

This career places you in an environment where clients come specifically to destress. The work environment is quiet and relaxed, and for those whose stress is triggered by social interactions, little is required for this job. If you are looking for a peaceful career where you can help people and set your own hours, massage therapy is a great option.

  • Qualifications: A college degree is not required, but you will need to complete a program on massage therapy and earn a certificate and license.
  • Salary: $40,000 to $70,000.


Close up on financial reports and actuary using calculator.

Actuaries help companies predict and manage risk and create financial plans to minimize the cost of said risks. For those with a knack for math, this career offers a low-stress job that is still challenging and fulfilling.

  • Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in mathematics or sciences. Additionally, you will need a certification issued by the Society of Actuaries or Casualty Actuarial Society.
  • Salary: $80,000 to $150,000.


Young adult wearing headphones and transcribing on computer

For those who find that their workplace stress is from their environment, a career as a transcriptionist may be the solution. Transcriptionists transcribe audio into written word, so the work is done solo and can often be done remotely. Different fields have needs for transcriptionists, including entertainment, medicine, and law. As a result, different paths are available for this career, depending on your interests.

  • Qualifications: Online training courses are available, but the main requirement is a firm grasp of English and grammar. Additionally, you will need a minimum typing speed of 65 words per minute. However, typing speeds of 70 to 90 words per minute will make you a more desirable candidate.
  • Salary: $27,000 to $63,000.

Computer Programmer

Young adult coding on computer.

Another career that offers remote opportunities is computer programming. Computer programmers create code for software programs and operating systems. The work is highly detailed and requires quite a bit of concentration, but overall is considered low stress by those in the industry.

  • Qualifications: An Associate’s degree in computer science or a related field is the minimum qualification required. However, many people choose to pursue Bachelor’s and graduate degrees in the field. Internships and certificates are also available to help you gain relevant experience.
  • Salary: $65,000to $140,000.


Close up on catering buffet

If low stress means being in a fun, non-traditional work setting, catering is a great career choice. Caterers provide food for parties and events, from weddings to corporate lunches. A talent for cooking combined with an eye for aesthetically pleasing presentation will make a catering business a success. To expand your business and open yourself up to more clientele, you could also provide your own baked goods, which will make you a more desirable caterer for events like weddings and birthday parties.

  • Qualifications: Caterers must obtain their Food Handlers Card, but no professional training is required.
  • Salary: $25,000 to $45,000.


Art curators examining a painting

Museum curators are responsible for cataloging, managing, and preserving art and historical artifacts. They also organize exhibits and events within their workplace. Still, despite having several responsibilities in their job, this career is generally considered low stress due to the solitary nature of the position and the quiet, peaceful work environment. Those with an interest in art and history will find this career highly rewarding, and job satisfaction can significantly reduce workplace and general life stress.

  • Qualifications: Most curators have a Master’s degree in history, art history, archaeology, or a related field. Since the field is competitive, internships are also beneficial.
  • Salary: $50,000 to $80,000.

Judicial Law Clerk

Law clerk researching on laptop

Careers in the legal field are generally considered highly stressful, but a judicial law clerk is an exception. Judicial law clerks act as assistants to judges, and their tasks include:

  • Researching and analyzing laws
  • Helping the judge make informed decisions
  • Drafting documents
  • Overseeing the courtroom.

This career is an excellent option for those interested in law as you get to work directly with a judge and understand the complexities of their job without taking on the burden of stress that accompanies it.

  • Qualifications: Judicial law clerks are typically recent law school graduates because a solid understanding of the law is necessary to excel in this career. Strong written communication is also beneficial since drafting documents is a key part of the job.
  • Salary: $40,000 to $80,000.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist cleaning client's teeth

Working in a niche area of dentistry, dental hygienists focus on promoting dental hygiene and preventing oral disease. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this sector is projected to grow by 11.2% from 2020 to 2030. Many hygienists enjoy flexibility in their careers due to the alternative work schedules and hours they can set for themselves. Additionally, the ability to work with patients and improve their health is rewarding for many dental hygienists. As a result, they also report greater job satisfaction and lower levels of stress.

  • Qualifications: Dental hygienists must complete an Associate’s degree and clinical hours. They must also obtain licensing with a dental association or regulatory agency.
  • Salary: $70,000 to $80,000.

Sum Up

With the large variety of low-stress careers, there are plenty of options if you decide you want to leave a job that is becoming detrimental to your enjoyment of life. If you have a career in mind but do not have the required qualifications to enter the field you would like, there are plenty of options for night and online courses to help you earn the necessary degrees or certificates while still working your day job. Changing careers can be intimidating and stressful on its own, but with proper planning, it is possible. As the saying goes, life is short, and spending your life in a career that causes copious amounts of stress is not worth it when there are high-paying job options that will keep you happy, healthy, and stress-free.

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