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11 months ago by Daniel Brown

How to Spot a Credit Card Skimmer

About 47% of Americans have fallen victim to at least one instance of credit card fraud in their lives. The most common method of credit card fraud is committed through...

12 months ago by Daniel Brown

CFPB Cracks Down on Buy Now, Pay Later Financing

The Credit Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) looks to improve consumer protections and regulations in the buy now, pay later (BNPL) industry. The agency’s concerns result from high rates of delinquencies...

12 months ago by Daniel Brown

Fed Anticipates Ongoing Rate Increases After This Week’s Hike

After raising rates for the fifth time this year, the Federal Reserve Board anticipates more hikes to come. Six months ago, the borrowing rate was at nearly zero percent. But...

2 years ago by Jason Steele

Things to Know About Credit Card Churning

Perhaps you’ve read about award travel enthusiasts who use their credit card points to galavant around the world in first class. Dig deeper, and you’ll learn that one of the...

3 years ago by Daniel Brown

How Do Credit Card Points Work?

Credit card points are a form of rewards given through credit card companies. Cardholders can earn credit card points in numerous ways, whether through purchase, referring friends, or simply opening...

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