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2 years ago by Daniel Brown

Augmented Reality in Business

When we hear the term ‘augmented reality,’ visions of a high-tech future like the ones in the show Black Mirror might come to mind, but really, augmented reality is a...

3 years ago by Daniel Brown

What is the RevPAR Formula and How to Calculate It?

Right now, the hospitality industry is not so industrious. The hospitality industry was one of the industries hit worst by COVID-19. And while it’s slowly rebounding, the wound of nearly...

3 years ago by Daniel Brown

How to Report Tax Fraud

Tax fraud costs the U.S. government around $90 billion in revenue every year. That’s bad for all of us. We rely on fiscal revenue to finance infrastructure, health, and education....

3 years ago by Daniel Brown

Top Veteran-Owned Businesses in the US

There are 18.2 million military Veterans in the United States. Veterans own more than 2.5 million U.S. businesses. This makes up about 9% of all companies in America, according to...

3 years ago by Daniel Brown

Traditional vs. Roth IRA

As you start to save for retirement, you will need to choose between a traditional and Roth IRA. There are some big differences. We will help you study your options...

3 years ago by Daniel Brown

5 Things Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You About The Stock Market

Do you want to become a Wall Street whiz? There’s no doubt that enjoying profitable shares of Twitter as you munch on your breakfast without lifting a finger is an...

3 years ago by Daniel Brown

How to Make Extra Money on the Side

There are very few people who would say no to finding new ways to make extra money. There are more opportunities than ever before. Twenty years ago, making extra money...

4 years ago by Daniel Brown

Critical Mistakes That Can Lead to Business Bankruptcy

There are a number of errors individuals may make when starting a business or in the everyday running of said business. It can be important for business owners to understand...

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